Norseman Bracing System


Norseman Bracing System
Norseman Bracing System
Norseman Bracing System
Norseman Bracing System

Norseman Bracing System

The Norseman Bracing System (NBS) is an engineered, patented system that is 100% recyclable with no special disposal conditions. It eliminates the need for ties to secure the brace to the bulkhead as the end/bracing cap friction fits into the U-channel of the container (ties may be required for tilt loading).

To facilitate the loading of bulk agricultural products in intermodal shipping containers. 

  • Patented engineered bracing system to restrain cargo within a container.

  • USA Patent # 8459916 | Canada Patent # 2684216.

  • Easy, one-person installation.

  • It can be used in conjunction with the Norseman Protector Liner (partial liners).

  • The system includes corrugated bulkhead, wood bracing and restraining caps.

  • It can be used for restraining FIBCs or bagged products requiring bracing at the door end.

  • Wood bracing provides a viable and cost-effective alternative to steel bars.

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Product Number Product Name Dimensions
Norseman Bracing System Engineered Bracing System. Avail in 4,5, and 6 bar configurations
Steel Bar Bracing 1.66" OD with 0.125" wall 94 1/2" Length
Fabric Bulkhead Contact for details
Cable Ties Cable Ties Natural 15.09" or 18”


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