Insulated Blankets


Norseman specializes in providing Jobsite gear to protect you from the cold so your team can excel at their craft – to outwork, outperform and overachieve year-round.

In side-by-side tests, Norseman’s insulated blankets are proven to provide R-value ratings equivalent to the leading competitors.* At Norseman, we do not rest on R-value alone in our commitment to provide uncompromising real-world protection.

* In tests conducted in strict accordance to ASTM C-518 -2017, Norseman Insulated Blankets are comparable in R-value scores to other similarly constructed blankets currently available in the USA market.



Poorly made insulated blankets degrade and lose their effectiveness with continued use. Our gear prevents this, by incorporating advanced polypropylene foam with a closed microcell. This allows Norseman blankets to retain their structural integrity and R-value – even when weight is placed on top.

Our blanket gear comes in three thicknesses, to give you the flexibility and performance you require.



Unlike other out there, Norseman’s blanket gear is meticulously crafted and verified to be “true size” – so there are no surprises when they arrive. This guarantees maximum coverage on your Jobsite.


Custom Options

Want to make your project stand out and reinforce your corporate brand, or do you have a special challenge where traditional blankets will not fit? Norseman can manufacture insulated blankets in colours based on your brand and work with you to design custom sizes, thicknesses and attachment options to suit your specific project need. We can even incorporate your corporate logo onto the custom blanket.

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