Rig Shelters/Enclosure Systems

Drilling sites are located in some pretty inhospitable locations. But just because the temperature and the elements are uncooperative, work can’t grind to a halt. Norseman Rig Shelters allow you to drill year-round. In any and all conditions. By protecting your crew and equipment from the elements, our industry-leading shelters help you improve safety, reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

Rig Shelters/Enclosures

Norseman knows the challenges you face. We have nearly 50 years of experience in fabric, steel frame and large panel construction for oil and gas applications around the world. What sets Norseman apart is our commitment to being Fiercely Reliable. In the uncompromising quality of our products. In our ability to customize a solution to meet the most demanding requirements. In our total dedication to customer service and support. Our services include:

Mud Tank Enclosures

Mud and wet weather don’t mix. The same goes for extreme cold. Norseman’s mud enclosures protect invert or exotic muds against rainwater contamination and sub zero temperatures. The enclosed environment also shelters your people and equipment.

Rig Travel Tarps

Provides a temporary wall of protection for open-sided buildings to shield equipment during transport or when racked.

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