Portable Secondary Containment Berms

Containing leaks and spills is a critical part of keeping your worksite safe, clean and within regulations. Whether you're dealing with wastewater, chemicals, petroleum or other potentially harmful substances, our secondary containment berms will do the work of protecting your site from contamination. Our secondary containment berms are an environmental and inexpensive safeguard that is placed under valves, fittings, trucks and machinery to prevent site contamination from leaks and spills.

Norseman manufactures three types of portable secondary containment berms. The fabric and sizes are designed to meet the needs of most worksite containment needs. The Hyprene™ XC Portable Secondary Containment Berm is our standard, in-stock berm. This fire retardant (FR) berm withstands extreme temperatures and is resistant to chemicals, oil and fuel. Depending on the site requirements, Norseman also offers special order berms in a range of fabrics, sizes, wall styles and colours to suit containment needs (refer to comparison chart below). Minimum orders apply on these products.

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