Container Liners & Bulkheads


A liner is a liner, right?

Not for those who demand unfailing high performance with each and every shipment. A lot of hard work, sweat and labour went into creating the contents inside that shipping container. You’re not going to let dirt, dust, moisture and pests stand between you and the successful delivery of your valuable cargo.

NORSEMAN liners have set a new standard of performance. They are meticulously crafted to act as a protective skin between bulk cargoes, containers, and contaminants.

Norseman's liner gear can be tailored to provide a perfect fit, offering unmatched protection for everything from agricultural commodities to hides to chemicals.


Reinforced strength and durability.

Norseman liners are constructed with fully welded seams and double coated industrial virgin resin, polyethylene fabrics. A sophisticated connection system allows our liners to be molded to the container for extra protection.

To ensure sterility and cleanliness (particularly important when shipping food-grade cargoes) all liners are built in an ISO-certified facility and inspected for quality control.

In addition, they also protect workers tasked with handling these items, keeping the cargo safely in place. Ultimately, Norseman liner gear provides the security, safety, confidence and assurance our customers require to thrive in today’s global market.