Deluxe Canvas Wall Tents

Norseman has been manufacturing canvas wall tents since 1921. While we still maintain the traditional design, we have added many modern features to enhance the usability of the tent. Ideal for camping, back country outfitters, hunting and more, our canvas tents provide superior protection and an easy set-up. 

Tent Frame (sold separately)

Rather that build your own frame using materials found in the forest, Norseman has designed a lightweight frame, constructed of lightweight aluminum tubes, with foot pads installed on the end pads for more stability and to prevent poles from sinking into the ground. Steel joints with push button spring locks make set-up quick and easy. 

Rain Fly (sold separately)

Looking for extra protection from the elements? Norseman has designed a rain fly to help keep your tent warm and dry in the most challenging weather conditions. Fabricated with durable, lightweight, flame resistant (FR) polyethylene (PE).

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