Simple to install. Excellent performance. Our corrugated cardboard bulkheads and the Norseman Bracing System (NBS) are cost effective containment wall solutions, used to restrain dry flowable bulk commodities such as peas, lentils, soy beans, malt, barley and other bulk grains. They act as a fourth wall at the door end of the container to hold product in place.

Norseman Bracing System

The Norseman Bracing System (NBS) is 100% recyclable with no special disposal conditions. It eliminates the need for ties to secure the brace to the bulkhead as the end/bracing cap friction fits into the U-channel of the container, self-supporting the wood brace (ties may be required for tilt loading).

Corrugated Cardboard Bulkheads

Norseman Corrugated Cardboard Bulkheads eliminate the contamination concerns and special disposal needs of traditional wood bulkheads.

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