Bulkhead Systems


Bulkhead Systems
Bulkhead Systems

Bulkhead Systems

Simple solutions you can depend on. Our corrugated cardboard bulkheads are cost-effective containment wall solutions. They act as a fourth wall at the door end of the container to hold the product in place. Lightweight, double-wall corrugated cardboard with scored flaps make for easy installation; simply cut the bulkhead to discharge. Norseman’s corrugated bulkheads are suitable to load with conveyor, auger, gravity, and tilt loading equipment.

  • Lightweight, cost-effective – can be easily installed by one person.

  • Double-wall corrugated cardboard with scored flaps.

  • Multi-brace markings for easy placement of Norseman Bracing System (NBS)

  • All corrugated bulkheads are pre-punched to position handles and steel-bar tie placements.

  • Norseman recommends a bar 1.66” OD x .125” wall minimum x 94.5” long or equivalent shaped tubing).

  • Supplied with or without cable ties.

  • Bulkheads can be used in 20’ or 40’ ocean containers. Custom bulkheads for 53’ intermodal ocean containers and trailers available upon request.

  • To initiate discharge, simply cut the bulkhead for unloading.

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Coverage applications for any size site for any type of project.

Product Number Product Name Dimensions
Corrugated Bulkhead 4 Bar - 65" PL
Corrugated Bulkhead 4 Bar - 72" PL
Corrugated Bulkhead Extended 77" PL
Norseman Bracing System Engineered Bracing System. Avail in 4,5, and 6 bar configurations
Steel Bar Bracing 1.66" OD with 0.125" wall 94 1/2" Length
Fabric Bulkhead Contact for details


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